Bookish Update

Hello Liars, Happy New year. How is life going? Today I am going to do a "bookish update" which I haven't done in ages but I think I should do it more often.I enjoy doing them because I can see what I am doing in my bookish life. I should make it into a tag … Continue reading Bookish Update


Blogmas day 18

Hello Liars, I don't know if you know but a member of SHINee has died. I currently don't have any wallpapers of SHINee. But for a tribute to the member, i was going to do some. here are some links to articles. If I am honest this a shock, I probably would have not heard … Continue reading Blogmas day 18

Blogmas Day 16

Hi Liars, Today is going to be my thoughts on EXO's new cafe videos SM Town are releasing I like them. I think it is really aesthetically pleasing. The coffee and the colour schemes work together the cool tones. At the moment only Kai, Chanyeol, Baekhyun and someone else that I can't remember off the … Continue reading Blogmas Day 16