ok… soo i back

Hi liars, Happy new year, Merry Christmas ( it's never too late to say this). I know i haven't been consistent but I guess I just post when I want because it's my little space on the internet. I am sorry, hopefully, you have missed me probably not. Ok so I officially have given up … Continue reading ok… soo i back

I made a mixtape

Hello Liars, I have completed most of summer bucket list and one of them was to make a mixtape. Recently someone gave me a pink poloriad CD player which is the cutest thing.I have made four mixtapes I love the process of making my CD.Each one is different and has it's purpose. •I am currently … Continue reading I made a mixtape

Life Update

Hi liars, its been too long. I have been so busy. I have had loads of music stuff and school. I have also been completing my bronze DofE and I will be going on the expedition soon. I am looking forward to that. Also I have stopped using Goodreads. If I honest I have never really … Continue reading Life Update