My Summer Playlist

Hello Liars, I go back to school on Tuesday. My birthday was Friday I had a good day my grandma came the following day. It’s been a good holiday. I didn’t complete all my summer plans but I had a good summer. But one thing I did was have a summer playlist.This summer playlist is … Continue reading My Summer Playlist


RainbowAThon Day 6:Diverse Books

Hello liars, It's Day 6 of the readathon. Today’s blog challenge is Diverse Books. If you do not understand the challenge click this link Also, if you do take part in this. Leave the link to your post in the link above. ~~ Diverse Books-Reading something with a different culture from me. ~~ Disclaimer: … Continue reading RainbowAThon Day 6:Diverse Books

RainbowAThon Day 4:Clichés in Books

Blog Challenge 4 - Clichés in Books Hi liars, Today is day 4 of the RainbowAThon. Today’s colour is Green. If you do not have ideas of what to read check the Goodreads group for some ideas because there is a lot of book ideas in there. The Instagram challenge today is a book … Continue reading RainbowAThon Day 4:Clichés in Books