Hello Liars, It is the eve before I turn 5teen. I completed the bucket list a few days ago, it kept me very busy and get my mind off the school year coming. Yesterday our timetables came out and my friends are only in my maths. Which for me, it means either I am going … Continue reading Thoughts…


I made a mixtape

Hello Liars, I have completed most of summer bucket list and one of them was to make a mixtape. Recently someone gave me a pink poloriad CD player which is the cutest thing.I have made four mixtapes I love the process of making my CD.Each one is different and has it's purpose. •I am currently … Continue reading I made a mixtape

Life Update

Hi liars, its been too long. I have been so busy. I have had loads of music stuff and school. I have also been completing my bronze DofE and I will be going on the expedition soon. I am looking forward to that. Also I have stopped using Goodreads. If I honest I have never really … Continue reading Life Update

BTS Wallpapers

Hi Liars, I made these iPhone wallpapers. I hope you like them comment down your favourite bts song RULES Do this on my Tumblr which is the link above. reblog if you save/use, please!! open them to get a full hd lockscreen do NOT edit or remove logo!! Copyright to the rightful owners   

Beyond the Moon (The Voyages of Jake Flynn #2)By R.J. Wood

Lola's Blog Tours. Beyond the Moon (The Voyages of Jake Flynn #2)By R.J. Wood Genre: Fantasy/ Science Fiction/ Sword and Space/ Space Fantasy Age category: Middle Grade/ Young Adult Release Date: 2018 Blurb:Beyond the Moon picks up after the battle above the ice planet Nystal, where Earth-kid Jake Flynn and crew have recently escaped from … Continue reading Beyond the Moon (The Voyages of Jake Flynn #2)By R.J. Wood