BOOK REVIEW #1:All The Bright Places


After finishing this book, I just wrote notes of what I should write about in my blog post so….
I promise there will be no spoilers because then there would be no point in reading the book.
A tragic love story
A tale from the viewpoints of Violet Markey and Theodore finch
Longer read then We Were Liars as there was more pages

At first, you do not understand how people say this is like another “fault in our stars” until you get at the very end of the book. It took me a week to read as every time I read a very big chunk of it I have to have a day to understand what I have read as this book can get very deep at times. Also, you go through loads of emotions. You want to cry and laugh at the same time.

·                    Also make sure you read all the pages of the book because I wonder why Jennifer had written about ……. But when you the author’s note you understand why. Furthermore, you understand her point. The book has a message.
Comment down what message you get from it


  • ·                   Teen/YA
  • ·                    5/5

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