BOOK REVIEW #5 :Illuminae



I have started school again L great I do not have time to read and crochet and watch Hails Heart NYC on YouTube so check out. <3. So it has taken me 2-3 weeks to finishes this book. I know I am book sinner. I am sorry liars. Anyway, this week, in general, I went to the library every day of the week and read illuminae and I did it. I did my homework on the bus home. And I spent all of Friday and Saturday evening doing my dreadful homework. You can learn more about what happen in my last blog post. I am supposed to write a review on one of the best books ever.



Illuminae is a si-fi, high fantasy, adventure and a tiny dose of romance. This was my first is-fi and high fantasy because normally I am into romance and books like hunger games and all the bright places. I like books with a lot of emotion. So illuminae was a change of reading style for me. But I think I will now read more is-fi books.

Illuminae is written through the viewpoint of AIDIAN. Why I say this is because the pages of illuminae are very different from a normal book. There are CCTV footage and text messages and AIDAIN talking to kady grant. Then there is text used to make images. So it is a very different book.

Illuminae is about how the people of kenza escape bitech the people who have destroyed their planet and are now following them whilst they are trying to find safety. But one of the spaceships the kens people are traveling on a deadly virus like the plague breaks out and people are getting infected by this disease. There are loads of secrets the captains are not telling the people and kady grant finds out and she tells her boyfriend Ezra mason. That is where I am going to end READ THE BOOK TO FIND OUT MORE. 😀

I know why the book is called Illuminae and you find that after the bit that made me nearly cry. The ending of this book is one of the best.

·        It is very hard to put down

·        A bigger read 599 pages

·        13+

·        Contains curse words but they are covered in a black box so you can guess what they are

·        YA

·        5/5

I am reading liar (as if)

Reading lies (not really)

Discovering truth



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