Dear me …

Dear me,

You are wired differently from everyone else. You will never get two snowflakes of the same design. Even twins are not the same. You matter. You are beautiful. You are amazing. You are the best person. No-one is going to be as amazing as you. So if you want to knit and crochet and read all day long you can.If you want to be the most famous person in the world you can be. All I need you to do is to have a notebook and write down all of those amazing ideas you have.If you want to change where you live you can with time. If you want 1 million followers you can with time. You need to time to be the best. It is not going to take 24 hours. But hours of effort. And those ours are so long. If you want to learn French,German and Spanish.You can. We can. Everyone can. But who will speak it the best. YOU.If you want to write a book to change the world you can. Like the song you liked at this time I wrote this to you “there is something about you”. People who judge are scared of being judged themselves. I hope when you read this you have found peace. Or like the Buddhist you have found enlightenment. People are always going to be sad you can not fix all the problems on this earth. But you can fix the problems under your roof. I know your heart was breaking when you turned 13 and never had a first kiss or boyfriend but when you read this when you 16.I want you leaving high school will your hear fixed.There is no point of having a first kiss or boyfriends at 13. When you older you be happy that you never did that stuff you know why because it makes you more innocent to the hotties in six form. Being single is good thing. The crushes and fantasies are the best. The fictional boys are much better that the immature boys. The YA genre is the best my lady. Enjoy the freedoms you have. Enjoy life to its best. I love you. The books love you. Your friends love you and you love them back. You keep a lovely diary with some many complex entries. You are so smart. You can be wonder woman if you want. Whatever you choose will be the best. The skin doctor or music therapist. You can be a clarinet wizard and you can be an oboe harry potter. The world is magic and you can fill it with more magic. Do you remember the girl in lemonade mouth.The troubled leader. You like her but your just not as badass. I want you to be nice badass. Do yo remember primary school.Hello the people you met there still love you and will always love you. You were there light.  I know the years have been hard and you have prayed to God to get you out of purgatory. ( An inside joke me and me share). You have nearly killed yourself. You had depression. You hid it to be someone else’s light. Now look at you. Look at things you were doing and are doing now.  Now look at you. Look at things you were doing and are doing now. YOGA.CROCHET.SKATING.HOCKEY.SWIMMING.READING.WRITING.LIVING.SMILING.LOVING.

You have found peace and me writing this letter has helped me find some peace.And hopefully someone else peace. YOU WILL LOVE BE LOVED.YOU WILL BE LIVING AND LIVED. Too deep this just shows how insane we are. I love you,you.



(to be anonymous is how I got around in the 2016s)


thank germ

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