BOOK REVIEW #7: Holding Up The Universe by:Jennifer Niven

Welcome Liars,

Do you like my new blog page and host? I had been debating to move to WordPress or blogger for ages. I have used blogger before and the themes are not the best. But WordPress have nice themes’ so yeah I am not blogging with Tumblr. I have moved all the posts on to here. The book Reviews are out of order I am sorry about that I was in a rush to my posts from Tumblr to WordPress quickly last night. So, I have not had time to write this review even though I finished the book ages ago. Sorry Liars.

This book I pre-ordered as soon as I heard you could. Because if you do not know Jennifer Niven is now my favourite authors with, E. Lockhart and Nicola Yoon.So I was very excited when I go this that I put throne of glass behind. Sorry again. This book is like All the Bright Places. Moreover, it has mental illness body issues and the biggest one bullying. I call it mental bullying because you are letting people looks take over your mind.

I was an emotional roller coaster. I was constantly switching my mindset for who was tell the story. Because it is told through jack and Libby point of view. I related to the book. This is personal to me I suffer from anxiety.I have struggled with making friends and doing things because of my mental disorders. So, this book just helps realise that it is normal to the suffer from things like that. Jennifer Niven does it again she is saving her readers.

All the bright places made me go on the internet and go and look at what was wrong with me. And now Holding up the universe made realise that I am fine to have a mental illness. So, Jennifer Niven if your reading this thank you so much because I feel that I can find peace now.

Holding up the Universe is a roller coaster of emotion and thoughts. You are constantly on your toes. Warming: ONCE THE BOOK IS OPEN THE BOOK WILL NOT BE CLOSED TO YOU FINISH EVERY PAGE IS READ. It is as big as all the bright places. The chapters vary in text not chapters are pages and pages long. Then some are like 10 lines long. It is great for a reading slump. If you like Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon, We Were Liars by E. Lockhart and All the bright places by Jennifer Niven.And maybe Illuminae.So yeah


GENRE: Young Adult,Mental Illness,Romance



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