Sapphire Blue Pebbles

  “You really shouldn’t have come here.” whispered Jennifer.

Eve moaned, “Who said that I wanted to be here, I hate the dark and this”.

Jennifer and Eve observed there surrounding. They were in a dark, smelly and wet cave. Jennifer had dragged Eve here because she did not want to be all alone in a cave. Now she is regretting it as Eve will not stop moaning.

“You can get better photos from the internet, it is there for a reason”, said Eve.

The girls begin to walk further into the cave. Jennifer kept telling herself that nothing is in the cave as she carefully walks towards a shiny and blue pebble. Eve stares at the pebbles.

“Finally something that makes me want to be here and I am getting this after that picture is taken”, commanded Eve.

Jennifer looked at Eve with big eyes. Eve turned away in shame. As Jennifer went to pick up the pebble, white smoke was released from the pebble. Eve started running in circles.

“It is a gas attack; poison get out of here,” wailed Eve.

Eve started to head for the entrance of the cave. When Jennifer got up. Her eyes were sapphire blue. Her hair turned a dark purple. She was turning transparent. Eve turned and saw Jeniffer.Confused she goes to grab her hand to drag her but hand just goes through her body.

“What the heck Jennifer, get up stop playing games”, wailed Eve.

Jennifer began mindlessly walk deeper into the cave. Collecting stones and releasing more poison. Eve sat on the closet rock and signed.

“I am stuck here, probably going to die and all you can think about is stones. Can you not see that I want to leave? You have what you want we need to go. Poison is rising and I only have enough magic to save myself you know that”, complained Eve.

Jennifer could not hear what Eve was saying for she did not have the magic that Eve had. Jennifer’s family has a curse that makes all their magic dark. But Eve, on the other hand, has clean magic. Jennifer has been banned from using her magic for it only harmed.

Jennifer finally spoke,“I am dark and evil; you are clean and pure. I am broken and I can never be fixed, just go, Eve, I am not Jennifer anymore I am Masca the witch of dark. You are Eve the angle of pureness. Go and warn the people of the rise of dark magic, my body is not minded anymore the dark magic has rose into my brain and is turning me into something I am not”.

Jennifer’s body fell to the ground. Eve knew that what Jennifer was saying was true. The dark magic was the white smoke rising from the ground. The Cave is dark. For now, Jennifer is evil. When she wakes up. She will be Masca the witch. Sadly, Eve will be the angle of pureness.

Sapphire Blue Pebbles

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