High School Guide:Bullies

Hello liars

I know that everyone writes about bullies on their blog and how to avoid them and all that stuff. But my bully post is going to different it is going to true and there will be no lies.
Bullies, people mainly think that bullies must be older than you. Taller than you and supposedly stronger than you. That is a lie. I am being bullied now and my bully is younger than me and smaller than me. Never underestimate a power of a bully by size. The reason my bully picks on me is because I do not want to gossip or destroy other people’s live. I see no point because I have not been raised in that way. I do not follow what she does I do me because I enjoy doing me. Bullies do not pick on people because they are timid or shy. They pick on them because you pose a threat to their “power”. A bully has the power to drive the crowd in the direction they want and if go the other way you stand out. That is when you become a target. This does not mean follow the crowd. Have your opinion use your brain for the right reason if you stand out. Stand out because after all when you leave high school and become higher what can they do then. I had been a target for ages but I was smart enough to make sure that there was no bow and arrow to shot me down. I would like to say something bullies are hardly boys. Girls are the bullies and I know this is weird coming from a girl but they are. There are two types of girls I have meet. Fake and Real.

Fake Girls Real girls
Love to gossip about anyone even if you’re their friend They do not like drama so they do not gossip
They are always the popular girls or like to think they are popular They are not popular and tend to be called “geeks” or “nerds”
They are always boasting about things they have done or doing They do not judge people, they accept them as they are
They always tell you what is cool and what is not They do not follow the crowd
They all dress the same IF they like something they like it and will not stop liking it for anyone else
They are all liars They tell the truth
They point out everyone’s imperfection but theirs They do not want everyone knowing them
They tend not be very clever They tend to be very clever people
Their aim is to bring everyone down Their aim is to be the best they can be
They tend to all do the same clubs e.g. dance No real girl is the same they are all different
If you do not agree with them, you are “out of order” You are comfortable around them because they are not bossy or rude
They call people out on social media They have very little social media as they can
They do not have genuine friends the people they say are their friends are there “minions” They have few genuine friends and they are happy

That was my table of a real girl and fake girl. Bullies tend to be fake people. They have nothing to concentrate on so they concentrate on bringing someone confident and real down.
My bully said I was out of order for wanting to report her to a teacher. A bully’s rain does not last very long. Then their friends get fed up they tell the world what was going on. After I got some new friends my bully tries everything possible to make my life hell. From commenting on my comments. Getting involved in my conversation. Telling everyone who will believe her that I am a mean person. This does not bother me because I have my true friends and that is what I need I do not need the whole world to like me it is impossible.
So, I am a very social person. I have a lot of social media accounts. But many are for this blog. My personal social media pages are Facebook, snapchat and Instagram. So how I make sure my bully cannot contact me is I have blocked them on everything I can. Then I have blocked their number on my phone. I do not talk to me the bully. I do not answer my bully. I make it clear. Not in a rude way to my bully that she is not someone I would like to be around. If there are multiple people giving me grief I will do the same to them. I have changed my snapchat privacy settings to “if I add you back then you will see my posts”. My Instagram is private and my bully is too young for Facebook and the people who have Facebook in my year are people who do not like her. To deal with you bully you need to remove their sources of contact towards you. You do not need to call your bully out or post things that have their name written all over it. It is about ignoring yes; it is hard but. It will work they will stop or just die down on the bullying. You can tell your mind what you want to see and what you want to hear. I have told my mind that I do not want to see or hear my bully. You are blanking them out. This will help you from the stress they cause you.
If it gets out hand let a teacher know maybe even an older friend. In my school, you can email the teachers so that is good.
Bullying is wrong and standing out for the right reasons is good.
So be you me and stay true boo-shameless Miya

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