High school Guide: Social Media

Hello liars,

It is time for another advice posts. Sooo.Social media it is all around us. I have loads of it. I think you have a lot of it. But Social Media takes over our life. It is going to take over our life. The news is a form of social media. Snapchat is a form of social media.
It was first Myspace. If you do not know what Myspace is it is basically the first form of social media people had before Facebook came. I personally did not have a Myspace account but I was constantly on people’s Myspace pages. Then Facebook came and took over the world I have had two Facebook accounts and I love Facebook because it is an easy way for me to keep in contact with people without having their phone numbers. Then came twitter and Instagram and snapchat. Social media we are getting more but it is for the better.

I feel that a lot of girls use snapchat to show off what they are doing. Also, I feel that girls use snapchat to show people who they have fallen out with. Also, the new thing is to take naked selfies and send them to boys in return for another.


  • Do not always be on it/do not post all the time (NO SPAMS)
  • Avoid adding people who have loads of friends or you’re not friends with
  • Do not post hatred stick love.
  • Mind your own business

I know this is easier said but done. But I have been doing it recently and I have avoided a lot of gossips. Another reason why I doing this, I want to get rid of my snapchat because I do not enjoy how snapchat is being used by other people. As I am writing this I have deleted snapchat because I want to avoid gossip and drama.


Social media can be a nice place. What I have realised is that they way to get around without drama is to be nice and not always posting. I am personally trying to get rid of some of my social media that I use because of school



  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook massager


I know it does not seem a lot against what some people have but I want to get rid of my personal Instagram and my Facebook massager. Social media is not bad but when it comes to school it is another place for drama. If you have anxiety like me, you will want to avoid drama. So, limiting people’s way of contacting me is how you avoid drama.

I am not saying you should not have drama. All you need to do is to watch the way you use it. I needed to watch the way I used it.

Here is an article on another teenager view of social media


I hope this has helped you




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