25 Bookish Facts about me

Hello liars,i am doing another tag that will help you get to know more about me.

I am doing another tag that will help you get to know more about me.


  1. I love to read to myself but I hate to read to others.
  2. Most of my reading in the school period is done in my school library.
  3. I hate lending my books out.
  4. Every six months on my family bookshelf we get rid of the books we never read anymore.
  5. I buy my books from charity shops because the book shops are too far.
  6. I took an interest in my mental health after reading All the bright places by Jennifer Niven
  7. I judge books by their cover.
  8. My dad orders my books in 4s because he thinks I will not read them
  9. I inspired my best friend to read by going on about how good Holding up the universe is.
  10. I can never read the divergent series because I watched the movies 
  11. When I read a book, I dream about the characters
  12. I have list of the characters of the books I have read in a note book because I can remember them
  13. I have not read the harry potter series but I have watched all the films
  14. I have 17 books ever since I joined Goodreads.
  15. Last school year I read 1.3 million words
  16. I write poems in my head to keep me calm.
  17. When I grow up I want to write for Newspapers
  18. Ever since I started to read my true friends are the ones who joined me in reading.
  19. It was Zoella who got me out of my reading slump.
  20. My dream is for my blog to be an online book club full of discussion where people without book clubs can join.
  21. When I was 10 my local library got shut.
  22. Jennifer Niven is the first person to sign a book for me.
  23. I have any aunty who works for penguin random house UK
  24. All I watch on YouTube in Bookish things
  25. I have done the 25 facts bookish about me.

I hope you enjoyed that.



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