Dear liars,

I borrowed this book from my school library was on a role with reading Matched and I left in the school library one day. So, they lost it and we had to look for it. When they finally found it and I continued reading it. I could had finished it earlier but because of the crazy events I could not.

I have heard so much about this book. So many people have said that this series is not very good. But I had seen this book in the library so many times. I had always wanted to read it and it was free in the library and I thought I would give this book a chance. And I am glad I gave it a chance.

  • A helpless love story
  • Anger and confusion roller coaster.
  • Very gripping book
  • A book to get you out of a reading slump.

If you enjoy The Hunger Games you will really enjoy this book. I know I am yet to read crossed but I am really enjoying the story so far. This book is not for everyone I know that by how many bookish videos I have watched. But I thought it was a very good book.

The book has a love triangle in it. This book is very like the Hunger Games as rebellion is about to start. But that is all I am going to say. Go read it.

  • 5/5
  • Ya romance story


Anyway on my blog is expecting some interesting content as I am working with a lovely author. Can you guess what author I am working with?

Check my twitter for clues.



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