Day 4 of Blogmas:Guest post from Melissa McClone

Hello Liars,

Melissa McClone wrote a Guest post for my blog so here it is…

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One of my favorite things to do during December is watch Christmas movies. Eleven months out of the year, I’m just not a big TV watcher. I used to be but something had to go when the writing ramped up. But come December first, and I have my television on so I can watch one movie a night. Sometimes it’s a DVD, but usually I just watch whatever movie happens to be on the Hallmark Channel that night. I’m totally addicted to Hallmark Christmas movies.


They remind me of the stories I love to read and write.

That same feeling I get when I reach the happily ever after in a sweet romance novel is the same heart-sighing feeling I get when a Hallmark movie ends. It doesn’t matter whether the stories are set in a small town, a big city, or a faraway place. I love watching how the spirit of the season gets tied together with a little romance. Or in some movies, a lot of romance!

If I had to pick my favorite Hallmark movies, it isn’t hard to do. I love The Christmas Card.

The movie came out in 2006 and features a soldier who goes to the small town where a person who sent him a Christmas card when he was on deployment lives. It’s a wonderful set-up, including a cute meet, that gives me the same warm and fuzzies no matter how many times I watch. And given I also own the DVD, I’ve watched it again and again!

If I had to pick a sub-genre of Hallmark Christmas movies, that isn’t hard for me to do, either. The nod would go to royalty-themed ones. This could be because I enjoy reading royalty-themed romance novels or I have a fascination with all things royal or I’m fascinated by the idea of spending Christmas in a beautiful, fairytale-worthy castle. Movies like A Princess for Christmas, A Royal Christmas, and Crown For Christmas push all my buttons.

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve watched A Princess for Christmas which premiered in 2011. It’s become a bit of a joke in my family, but I don’t mind. The prince was played by Sam Heughan, who is now known for his role of Jamie Fraser in Outlander.

When my publisher asked if I wanted to write a royal Christmas story, I jumped at the chance even though it meant back-to-back deadlines and releases. Right away, scenes played in my mind and slowly those showed me the characters and the plot and a way to tie the story into my Ever After series. Soon I had my own Christmas movie playing in my head. One that featured several of my favorite things—a lovely Castle, a handsome prince, a royal dog, and a royal wedding!

The working title of my story originally was A Royal Christmas Wedding, but my publisher asked me for some different title ideas. One of those I sent in was Christmas at the Castle, and that’s what they chose to use.

I only get to see my stories playing in my head, but I know there will be plenty for me to watch each year on the Hallmark Channel! Merry Christmas!

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