Day 5 of Blogmas:My Reading Style

Hello liars,

Today I am going to be telling my Reading style.

  • I do not like reading ebooks.I can never bring myself to read ebooks.I just really like a physical book.
  • When I read it depends if I want to read with music or not.I read quicker without music but I really enjoy reading with music.
  • I like paperbacks but to keep them looking new because I have to take them to school.I have to crochet a bookcase to keep them new. But with hardcovers, I do not have to do that.
  • Most of my reading is done on my bed at nighttime and normally I will start at 9PM and end at 11PM.This is why I am always dreaming about my books.
  • I do not like borrowing out my books because people take too long to return them for me.
  • I buy the newer books eg. Holding up the Universe on Amazon and then books like Harry Potter I buy from Charity shops because they are there for 20p which is very cheap.

Hopefully you liars liked the random facts about my reading styles.

Comment your reading styles below

Merry Christmas Liars

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