Day 6 of Blogmas:November Wrap Up

Hiya Liars,

I going to be wrapping up on the Month of November.

  • I read Matched and started Girl Online: Going solo. I have a book review for matched up on my blog.So just click the picture and you will see the review


  • Every month I make a new Spotify playlist consisting of the music I like that month. My Spotify profile is Septbaby1

The songs on there…


If you would like to see more just click the picture and you will see the whole playlist.These are just half of the songs on there and have loads.So check it out follow and we can discuss each other’s musical tastes

The new Youtubers I discovered this month were…

girl_online_going_solo_cover.jpgJessTheReader-I knew who he was but I had never watched any of his videos. Which I do not know why because I really love his channel. He is funny and I just love watching his videos. I discovered him closer to end the of November
PolandbananasBOOKS-I follow her on everything but YouTube girl_online_going_solo_coverbut now I do. I love her she is so funny. I love her personality. Her bookish thoughts. Everything about her. I discovered near the start of November.


This was my November wrap up. Hopefully, you enjoyed that and how it was different from a normal wrap up. Let me your thoughts in the comments below and comment down your book blogs because I want to see some more book blogs.



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