Day 8 of Blogmas:Emily Ruben Posts!

Hello, liars!

I figured I would start my post the same way it is usually done. 4Teen reached out to me to ask if I wanted to make a guest post for her 25 days of Blogmas and of course I said yes. So here I am! I guess I should start off by introducing myself.

My name’s Emily Ruben, I’m a French twenty-year-old writer who writes in English and I just got my first novel (I Was A Bitch) published this October 2016! I’m a second year University student and I am mostly passionate about music (hardcore fan of Twenty One Pilots), travelling (my goal is to discover as many countries as I can) and reading/writing. I am also always hungry and tired, but I guess that’s a common thing amongst humans.

Nana asked me why I became an Indie author but I guess there isn’t really a response to that question since I didn’t have a reason to becoming one, it just happened. I stumbled upon this great website called Inkitt which is essentially like Wattpad. Writers post their stories and in exchange, the readers can read them, leave reviews and vote for them. The difference is that Inkitt often holds contests for their writers and the day I came across the website, I discovered they were holding one and the prize was a publishing deal.

I had always known my biggest dream as a writer would be to someday hold my own book and, also, see somebody read it in the subway randomly. I don’t know how this dream developed but it always been a part of my ambitions.

So I decided to enter the contest. It was the first one I was entering my book I Was A Bitch in for. I posted about it once on Wattpad, asking my followers to go vote for it if they could and then kind of forgot about it, to be honest.

Meanwhile, summer came around and I left for vacation and travelled quite a lot. But it was in London, in Baker Street (yes, the Sherlock Holmes one), that I read the email announcing I had won the contest and was getting my novel published by Inkitt.




I couldn’t actually believe it. I had never imagined that I would get to fulfil one of my dreams at twenty years old, nonetheless with the book I had named “I Was A Bitch”. I thought that if one of my books was going to get published, it would be my other one, The Bucket List, but it turns out it happened otherwise.

So in the next few days, I signed a publishing contract with Inkitt and about four months later, my first book came out. I still can’t believe that my book, the words I wrote and shared with my readers on Wattpad, are now available to purchase internationally on Amazon but it is the most amazing that happened to me this year for sure.

So that is the story of how I became an Indie author, signed to an independent publishing house that was so understanding to what I wanted with this book, and so nice and cool to work with. I was able to make all the decisions regarding the cover, the editing and summary, and that was so important to me. Prior to signing, I had to make sure I would still have a power in the decisions and it turns out the publishing team was always so understanding and allowed me to make sure the final published version would be the one I wanted.

I also got to meet really nice people they were in the process of publishing as well through the group chat they had created and it allowed us to share blog ideas or reviews.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post!

Merry Christmas liars and thank you to 4Teen for inviting me to do a guest post!


Check her out:





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