Day 10 of Blogmas:Hobbies

Hello Liars,
Today I am going to be talking about Hobbies.We all have them.Some of them are more popular than others but they are all hobbies.
My Hobbies
Crocheting,Knitting,Reading,Blogging,Clarinet,Oboe,Singing,Sewing,Drawing,PhotogaphySwimming and Chess.
My hobbies are the most ideal for a 13-year-old girl. But yes I do them and I enjoy them.Here are some pictures of my crochet.

I use to own a youtube Channel for crochet and I own a Google+ group for crocheting.But I had to stop because I could not keep up as an 8-10year old girl.ahmbozftenor
I use to own a youtube channel just for editing.Which I had for a very long.But when I got to high school someone found out and it was not my secret anyone so I got very upset that my safe place on the internet now had my name on it.So I uploaded for a bit and then I stopped.But I never stopped i continued making fan edits and playing with pixlr.

Now I have this blog that nobody will ever find out until I tell them.


My hobbies are something I enjoy doing in my free time.My new hobby is blogging.Comment down your hobbies down below.






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