Day 11 of Blogmas:Book Review #11Girl Online:Going Solo

Hello Liars,
Hopefully, you are enjoying my 25 days of Blogmas so far.It has been Jam packed.Cover reveals Giveaways Guest Posts.I am enjoying writing my posts for blogmas.Yesterday I finished two books.Girl Online and Username:Regenerated.Both books are written by Youtubers.But they have nothing to do with Youtube.Which I really enjoyed.
Girl Online:Going Solo is the third book in the series.There is only three at the moment.Girl Online,Girl Online:On tour,Girl online:Going, Solo.I have read all of them now.I pre-ordered this book as soon as I heard it was coming out.I really enjoyed the other two books.Because I can relate to them.The main character Penny Porter has very bad anxiety like me.Her best friend is a boy.She owns a blog called Girl Online and she loves photography.These books are written from her viewpoint.It has the chapters and the blog posts.Which I really enjoyed.They are so gripping,which makes them a very quick read.
• Friendship
• Romance
• Internet
• Sexuality
• SuperStars
• Anxiety
• Photography
• Brighton
• America
• Wedding Planner

These are just some of the tags I would give this book.Or maybe the topics covered in the book.Which stick out for me.I have really enjoyed this book and I think you guys will enjoy it as well.This should be on Christmas list.


Happy Christmas Reading.

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