Day 12 of Blogmas:My Christmas Garland

Hello liars,

As you know I love to crochet so this Christmas I really wanted to decorate my room with my own touch. Furthermore, I went to the internet and Pinterest and looked for some inspiration. I have a board on Pinterest for my crochet ideas and inspiration so I will link that below.

The Christmas tree pattern I found was on YouTube and it was done by a lady called Bella Coco. She is beauty, crochet YouTuber.The original pattern is done by crochet Jewel. Here are the links for the videos  Crochet Jewel      Bella CoCo

I got the idea of a garland from HappyBerryCrochet she made a Christmas tree garland but I did not like the trees. Here is the link

I put this together and I got a Christmas Tree Garland. I made nine Christmas tree altogether. I only made nine because I needed it to be short. I had 3 different shades of Green I used. So, I made three of each shade of green. Then I crocheted a long chain in white to hand the trees on.

I am planning to make one with snowflakes or stars. What do you think?

Merry Christmas



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