Day 14 of Blogmas:Book Review #12 Username:Regenerated

Hello Liars,

For the first time, ever I am doing a book review on a Graphic Novel. My definition of a Graphic Novel is a comic with loads and loads of pages. Hopefully, you get it. I know I do. Anyway let’s get on the Graphic Novel Review.

This book is written by the Youtubers Joe Sugg.I use to watch him none stop until I got into high school because I started watching Book Tube and vines. This book is the second book in the duology. Username: Evie being the first in the series. I pre-ordered both books, not at the same time. But when I heard they were coming out I had to get them. This series was my first English style Graphic Novel because I have read a Japanese style Graphic Novel which I really enjoyed.

The Graphics in this book are clear. It is very easy to follow the plot is not complex at all. It is very simple. It is aimed for YA fans. I would say that it would fit the sci-fi category but it is not very thick in it. I am not a sci-fi fan but I really enjoyed it. I would say it is a dystopian like the Divergent series but without the Hunger games. Furthermore, the fractions. It is set in two worlds. A virtual reality and reality. But it is not drawn or supposed to be a game. This book has more action in it that Username: Evie.It took me 3 days to read because I read it in term time. So, I had to balance reading time and homework time. Moreover, I read Username: Evie in 1day and a half. They are basically a quick read and you should have these books on your Christmas list.

This review was basically a review for both the books but oh well.



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