Day 15 of Blogmas:Q&A with Annalise Grey

Hello liars,

Here is the Q&A you have been waiting for.

Here ya go!
1.What inspired you to write your book I,Girl x? I was inspired by the idea of lost children – the ones who’s lives are affected by living with a sibling with behaviour issues or mental illnesses. These kids are often overlooked due to simply not having problems. They are affected in every way and yet too often we set them aside and assume that they’re fine.
2.Did you have any other names for your book? I wanted to call it Child X but that name was taken. 😦
3.What character do you think you relate to the most? I related to Aunt Delia most. She is an observer who wants to do the right thing.
4.What is your favourite book to read at Christmas? Harry Potter! 😃
5.What is your favourite book of all time? It’s a toss up between The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman, Cinder by Marissa Mayer, and any of the Harry Potter books.
6.What advice do you have for young writers like me? Keep writing even if nobody sees it. Don’t let discouragement kill that part of you.
7.What is your favourite Christmas movie? A Christmas Story. ❤
8.How do you think I,Girl x will help with social issues now? I hope people open up and talk about mental health issues more. We NEED to break the stigma. Especially here in the US.
9.What were your aims for I,Girl x? I just hope it resonates with people and gets them talking. If it could open up dialogue with just a few people, then I will consider it a success.
10.What is your favourite genre to write? It used to be paranormal but I’m leaning towards poetry these days. I feel like I’m better at poetry. My paranormal books aren’t as strong. Lol

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