Day 18 of Blogmas: How Books saved me?

Hello liars,

This is not a click bait. Books have saved me. They have saved me from failing English. They have helped me deal with idiots or female dogs. Books have saved me.
Let’s get real. When I was in primary school, my writing was horrible. Handwriting included. I just could not write and I thought my stories were the bomb. But they were only bombed in my head. *sigh*. And this is how I went through my 7 years of primary school (I went to nursery twice). All I read in primary school was the worst witch all at sea. It is such a good book. And the series about fairies. *sigh* again. If only the book goddess had saved me earlier.
Then I got to High school. I did an English writing exam and I got a 5a and my end of year target as a 6c. Because I am so dramatic I thought I was failing English. Well, Done 4teen.I entered high school as a person would could not spell but was somehow clever. That was me. We had to set ourselves a target and mine was to reading more which will help with my writing and spelling. Also in English Q week Thursday period 3 my English lesson was done in the library. Which was our accelerated reading lesson. You must a test to find out your reading range. The test to me was designed for year 11s.I literally guessed the whole thing. My reading level was 4.4-7.7 at the start of the year. All the books in the library were labelled with reading levels and if were reading books from home you could check what level they were on the accelerated reading site. So, I could read books at that level. Some people had 5.5-12.7. After you read a book you would complete a quiz on it. If you got over 80% how many words in the book would be added to a total of how many words you read in the year. If you read 1 million words you got a prize. I thought at the start of the year I would never get 1 million words. But I did I read 1.3million words someone got 4 million. But I had 27 books in that school year to get 1.3 million words. Which I was very happy about because I had proven to myself that reading was not that bad. I had discovered my love for reading.
Ok back to how books saved me. So, when we did English tests I was getting 6As.Getting over my target. At the end of the year in every subject except drama, art, Woodwork, Textiles, Wellbeing and Citizenship we had a test. They were set like GCSEs that we would take in year 11.This was my first year of doing the (my school name) GSCEs.The English GCSEs before they got changed this year, where you get a picture or phrase and you have to write a descriptive text about it.Then you have the comprehension test.Which are the basic English tests, reading a text and answering questions on it.Then were both out of 40 marks. So together it is out of 80 marks. I went to a very bad primary school. I got the average in my SATs and we hardly did work. My dad was my teacher he taught everything I know from home. I did not really revise for English because I just did not know how to. I do the test. I think I am just getting a 6c. I am sat in class and people are getting their papers back they are all scoring normal year 7 scores nothing higher than a 6a. Then there is me getting 63/80 much higher than everyone else. Ok, that’s normal. I got a 7B the highest in my year.WTF.How could out of all people get a score like that?
I guess books saved me.Books saved me, I cannot get enough of reading. It is another world I can live in without anyone judging me or hurting my feelings. I can go to that world whenever I want to. There are no limits. Many worlds people have created and worlds I can create myself. This is how books saved me, Liars. That is how they will probably how they will save you too.
Do not forget liars,20th of December-The Liar Christmas read-a-thon. Get involved. Good night and Merry Christmas.

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