Day 21 of Blogmas:Book Review #13 :I,Girl X by Annalise Grey

Hello Liars,

Finally, yesterday I got I, Girl X sent from Annalise Grey and it was signed. This Book is written by an Indie author and I am sure you know her because she has been really involved this 25 days of blogmas. I mentioned her at the start and I tagged her in most of Instagram pictures. It was Annalise Grey. She has done a Q&A and 2 truths and 1 lie. Annalise shipped this book on 6th of December and it came on the 20th of December. It was coming from America. I finished school on the 20th of December so I did not start it because I was doing homework. So, this morning I read it all in an hour. OMG, it is so good.

It is about Mental Illness and the main character does not have a mental illness but her little brother does. So, the story is about her brother’s mental illness affected her life and family. Which I found very interesting and emotional. Also, the book is written in the style of a poem. So, it is a very quick read. This book shows how you can have everything and how you can quickly lose it and how you can get it again but nothing will ever be the same. Also, this book shows how people do not understand mental illness and how people are treated. Furthermore, when I was reading this book I kept thinking “Look what this little boy has done to his family and how selfish he is why can he not just behave normally”. But then I realised I have a mental illness and I can control it to a certain point but then I cannot act normal.

This book is a good book to read to understand mental illness. Annalise grey describes it very well and makes it very easy to understand. The book is told from 14-year-old Carleigh. Also, there are no chapters but the book is separated into the four seasons this makes it very easy to see the changes in her life. After reading this book it has deepened by knowledge of mental illness.

If you enjoyed All The Bright Places By Jennifer Niven,Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon,Bird by Crystal Chan.

Rating: 5/5

Genre: Mental Illness


This is the first book I finished in the Christmas Liar Read-A-Thon.



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