Day 22 of Blogmas: Drama Newspaper Homework

Hello Liars,

This was my drama homework.It was based on the Book Noughts and Crosses.Which my drama topic at the moment.

Symbol -free human news

Crossed Children Humiliated by Nought Parents

On the 4th of December 2016 at the school West Side High Grammar School. Three Teen crosses could attend a school which is attended by noughts. The three teen crosses had been picked from their school Blue Apple Secondary School. These Teens were picked based on grades. The Teens could have got to West Side High Grammar School but parents of the noughts began to protest in front of the school gates. Blocking the children’s way to school. Why? They do not like crosses. Their children must not mingle with crosses because noughts are the highest and will forever be.

The parents of the noughts stood outside the gates shouting very rude words. “Blanker” This word should not be repeated for it is an insult. The parents of these noughts should know better than scare these children for their symbol. When the head teachers come, he does not do any better. He just quotes the law and does not even help the children. The parents begin to get violent and start throwing stones at the children. The head teacher walks back to the children. HEALTH AND SAFETY. One of the children gets hurt. The parents stop throwing rocks then. WHY? Because a female nought is shouting at the parents to stop. She makes a mistake and says “Your behaving like Blankers”. She has insulted everyone. Where has she heard this word? HOME.ON THE STREET.

The children finally get in the school. Imagine the tension in the air. Children are not supposed to be going to school in fear. Poor crossed children start their first day of school with a massive heavy drama. They were so lucky that only one cross got hurt. You should have seen the amount of stones being thrown at these children.

These crossed children have done nothing wrong. All they are doing are better themselves. I personally found it disgusting to hear about this incident. I do not identify myself with any symbol. But my first and last name. A symbol does not make a person but their personality. Hopefully, you have taken something from this article.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year everyone.

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