Day 25 of Blogmas: Christmas (first)Book Haul


Have A Merry Jolly Christmas Liars.

This is the second time I have had to write this blog post. It was long as well. Well this is a Mini Christmas haul and day in my life. First I am going to talk about the books I got. In the first post, I wrote who I got them from but because I am now feeling lazy and I just want to get this post up and dance to Kid Cudi new song: By Design. I am just going to insert a picture.

Ok on the picture I used the app VSCAM to edit it. So here is what I did to it.

I used the filter T1/Moody then I put the exposure to -1.1 then I put the contrast to +1 then I put the temperature to -2 then I put the fade to +2 and to give it the purple colour I add a purple shadow tint. Depending on the photo I might have more or less purple on it. But this photo had purple to +12.I might make a graphic and add my Pinterest board Instagram.

Anyway, I only got a few books because my dad said he will get more books when I finished my TBR pile which now is 7 books high. Which is low compared to some people’s TBR pile I am proud. Ok in yesterday’s post I said what I did so here it goes.

I woke at 6:30 because my brother and sister would not let me sleep. After the morning, Christmas cheer, I went to help my dad look after my mum because she is not feeling well. Then after I had done that I went to watch some YouTube videos. I have been really into Jake Paul, Logan Paul, Mylifeaseva and Mark Dohner.Mark Dohner is so hot. My new crush. Anyway, check them out, they are funny. Then I started colouring in my adult colouring book and tidying up my room. After I have got this post up I am planning what I am going to post next since it is not 25 days of blogmas anymore. Most of all I am going to eat all as much chocolate my body will allow me. (I will be doing the online workouts will new year to burn that off).

It is the end of my first 25 days of blogmas. I hope you enjoyed that. I just thought I would let you know but we reached 200 followers on my twitter last night. I am going to do to a follow sprint. If you want me to follow you on twitter tweet this “Merry Xmas Mrs Liar”.

Tell me what you liked most about 25 days of blogmas if you want to see more follow my blog.
Have a Merry Xmas Liars.



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