Book Review #14: Crossed by Ally Condie

Hello Liars,

Happy New Year. Welcome to 2017.I read this book in 2016 so this book review is late. Sorry liars. I have written this review about twenty times but I just should do it now. Ok

I was supposed to read this in 2016 because I could not find it in the library but the last week of term I found it which also ment I had three weeks to read because I am off for three weeks. So, that was great. This book was one that changed the mood. You either liked it or hated it. But you see I liked it so this means I am going to love this series.

If you read this book and you have read the Hunger Games you will see why people say it is the hottest thing since hunger games. But it is also familiar with The Divergent series. So, I call this series Divergent Games. So, if you liked Hunger Games and Divergent you will love the Matched series.

Crossed is a very stressful read. I was crying and fighting the book. I was in this book. I had to stop reading it for a bit because it was getting so stressful. But I read it because it was based on love and I was wishing that someone would do this to me. Also, because I need something to help with my Divergent Games addiction. And this helped it. So, it is nice a fandom to join. I am now waiting for the movie.

All seriousness this book is very good. There are mixed opinions about this book. Just do what I did I give the book a chance because every book deserves a chance.

  • Told from two points of views
  • Romance
  • Action
  • Death
  • War
  • Secrets
  • Fractions
  • Rebellion
  • Unknown worlds
  • Short/Quick Read


That was the categories I would put this book in. Hopefully this will make you want to read it. I have enjoyed writing that.I am off to do my history homework.

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See you later



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