Book Review #15:Society’s Foundlings by Ellie Lieberman

Hello Liars,
Yesterday on the way to London, I finished this eBook. Yes, I mentioned eBook I read my first eBook and I finished partly because I had agreed to review it for someone. So, it would be rude for me to say to yes to review it and then finish it after two years. Ellie Lieberman contacted me asking if I would review her book. Obviously, I said yes because nobody contacts me. But recently ever since I listed my blog on the book blog list I have had a good lot of emails from Indie authors asking for me to be there book reviewer. I finished 185 iPhone 5 book pages and I am very proud of it.
Because I read it on iBook I could highlight and bookmark and make notes without it ruining the book because I could unhighlight and unbookmark it because it is just code. I found a lot of phrases that I really liked he sound of
Such as: “Kids in our shoes have to grow up pretty quickly”-Math, Society’s Foundlings
I could relate to this book because it is very similar to my book “Born on This Side” because it was about children in a working-class position. Which is why I could relate it because that is what my book is about. The book is writing from four viewpoints. They are teen boys that have to work because they are not doing very well in school and they do not have anything else to do. The boys are related and each other’s best friends. The book is about their daily life and struggles. I found it very interesting and funny.
I am not going to tell you their names and more of the plot because my aim is for you to read the book. But you can read a bit of it on Goodreads. The formats now I think is eBook and physical in the US. I did an Author Interview with Ellie.It should be up soon.
Anyway, I really enjoyed reading this book. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.
Happy Reading

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