Welcome To ShelfJoy


Hello Liars,

Today I am going to be showing a new website I discovered. It is called ShelfJoy.This website is a bookish site. That person makes shelf about their chosen topic and people can look at them. Also, you can search a topic you would like to read about and it will come up with shelves people have created.


I am going to create an account and this is where I am going to sort out the books I what to read. You can create an account that is linked to your twitter. The website design is nice. It is very simple and smooth. The logo for this website is owl reading. Which is very cute.



This website is a bit like Goodreads but you do not count how many books you read in a year. You can also create reading lists if shelves are not your thing. People can follow you and you can follow people. On Shelf Joy, there does not seem to be a lot of love shelves. You add books to this shelf as you go along.So, liars let’s all get accounts and make shelves of love. I am currently doing it so I would like you guys to do it too.



Let’s have a competition of how can get the most shelved books about love.

Hopefully, you enjoyed that and go check out shelf joy


Leave your links down  below



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