How to stay organized?

Hello Liars,

This is one of my first lifestyle posts but I really want to be doing more so be excepting more. Ok, let’s get this post started. I am full-time secondary student or middle grade in the US. I am in year 8 and I am in 13.I am in top set: Science, English, History, Geography and Religious Studies. Then I am in second set French, German and Maths. Furthermore, my other subject’s I am not setted. This week I have 11 pieces of homework because it is the last week before half term and all the teachers want to get us ready for next topics and all that stuff. So, this week has been busy for me and then I had the homework from last week because I was in London. So How do I stay organised?


I go to the library as much as I can. Instead of staying outside and talking about things that will never benefit me I go to the library. I book a computer for the whole of lunchtime and I will try and get as much homework done in an hour. But I am not saying do this every day but do this when you know that you have a busy weekend in front of you.


I personally do not attend homework clubs because I rather go to the library but my friend loves homework clubs because the teachers are there whilst you’re doing your homework so if you do not understand it you can always go to a homework club.


I get a bus to school every day so I like to do some of my homework on the bus I know it is not practical but I mainly do geography and maths homework because those subjects tend not need a lot of effort to do them so I can do it without getting a lot of things out of my bag.


I have set Wednesday to get any big essay to get done because on Wednesday I do not have anything on after school or during school. So, I can do some homework at school and continue it at home.

  1. SAY NO

I know that sometimes a friend will invite us places but if you know that you will not have time to do homework you can say no, after all, you do have human rights. But I am not saying that if you can work around still say no because if you can go. GO


Do multiple things at the same time whilst doing the important things. So, I was watching the new series on Netflix Riverdale and doing my art homework. I also watched a few episodes of Gossip Girl as well.

I am not an expert on being organised but my life is so busy I have to learn. So, I thought I would be honest I show you how I do it.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this lifestyle post and keep an eye for more in the future.If you guys have any suggestions for lifestyle posts tell me in the comments down below.



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