Book Review #16: Reached by Ally Condie

Hello Liars,

I have finally finished the match triopoly it was the best series I have read since The Hunger Games and I am happy I read it.I could relate to it a lot and I cried a lot and I could not read for days.SO thank you, Ally Condie, for giving me three days of depression(JOKING).I know people say they do not like this series and it was boring and crossed is the worst and all that shit.But I really do not care what other people are saying because it was such a great book.

This book is much bigger than Matched and Crossed and it based a lot more on poems. There is a lot of flashbacks. So, if you skimmed the first two books you will not understand Reached. Because Reached is about how Ky, Xander and Cassie but reach what they want in life. There are up and downs in this. A lot, in fact, one of the characters die and you meet some characters all the way from Matched. So, you need to read the others first before Reached or you will not get the story.

It is like a mixture of The Hunger games and Divergent. I personally think that is why I liked it so much because I adored The Hunger games and Divergent. So, I think if you read the Matched series you can now go to the Bookish Heaven.

The book was so simple to read and I have not been feeling myself for a long time but this helped me move on a bit.

This book makes you realise how society outcast and rule our lives and tell us what the normal is. Society control so much. Fuck Society.

All the best



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