Story Time: WHSmith


Hello Liars,

Today I have got a short story to tell you about what I did with my world book day vouchers. So sit tight and enjoy.

This Saturday, I was in Central Manchester train station. I had just missed my 1.18 train so I had to wait for the 1.46.I had my book tokens on me so I went to WHS and looked at some books. I had no money so I had just browse. But I did not waste my book vouchers. So, I went to YA section, there are some good books there but I read most of them. Anyway, back to the story. I put my book vouchers in some of the books. I was sad I could not see people’s reactions but I am happy that someone will get a book cheaper. It also makes me happy to know I have done a good deed. I know it’s a short story but if you have any world book day vouchers left and there still valid go to book shop and put them in books.

Hopefully , you guys enjoyed that

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all the best



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