Book Review #17: Full Out by Jenifer Ruff

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Hello Liars,

Full out was sent to me by Jenifer Ruff for a review. Jenifer has done an Author Interview on my blog. Which I hope you know something about her now so I do not have to write another paragraph that will prevent you from the book review. Anyway Liars. Let’s get FULL OUT.

One thing I still trying to figure out is what Full Out must do with the story I know what the cover does but not the title. But this story was nice quick read. I got a physical copy of Full Out. It was one of those American floppy Paperbacks, which in my time of buying books I have not come across them in the UK. So, it was my first. I read a lot of this book in school, on the bus. So basically, my school public. On the bus, a lot of my friends thought it was a movie but to my understanding, it is not. So, I think there is a movie called Full Out also based on gymnastics. For the first time, my friends took an interest in what I was reading.

This book is told from two setting but it does not confuse with what is going on in another setting. It helps you understand it. But it is told from one viewpoint. I do not think this book was made to make you cry but I found it very interesting. It was like it was based on a real story but I do not think it is.

Furthermore, it is quick and simple read. It has little pictures at the end of chapters which what made me think it was based on a real story but then certain elements also make you think it is just a fictional read. I would recommend this book to anyway who does not like reading that much because it is simple.

You should read this if you enjoyed I, Girl X by Annalise Grey.


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Hopefully, you enjoyed that




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