Book Review #18: The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon

Hello Liars,

I have finally read this book. I pre-ordered this book and I read it months after. But I read it in three hours. Sooooo I made up for it. Has anyone else done that? I am currently doing that with Gemina and I keep picking it up but then I keep remembering that I need to finish Heir of Fire. It has taken me about months to finish that book.

Ok let’s review this book…

I could relate to this book. I am not like the characters with their family personalities. But my parents are foreign so I understand some of their problems. But my parents are not racists people and they will be happy for me if I get married to anyone who is sensible. You will only get his if you have read the book. But my parents still have the same problems as anyone who is foreign. That is one reason I loved this book because for the first time I could relate and there were no questions about that

Nicola wrote the book from two viewpoints that was the focus. But there a lot of bits told in third person. Which makes the story interesting because you will think the character is selfish but then when you find out their history you see that they are grieving. That is also what I really liked about the story. Also, I liked how she brought two characters who the only thing they have in common is that they are foreign to society and made them fall in love. You learnt a lot about the characters for only a small book.

This book would be great for getting out of a reading slump because it is short read and not the pages are full of words. It is written in a similar way as everything everything but not but you will really enjoy it if you have read any books by Jennifer Niven and any of Nicola Yoon.


Hopefully you enjoyed that book review, now liars I need to comment down your blog urls so I do some form of a shout out for my 100th post I know it is bit earlier but I would like to start preparing it.

All the best


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