Book review #19: One by Sarah Crossan

Hello Liars,

I am doing another book review.I have had a lot of book reviews to write.Probably because I mark books on Goodreads and write the books I have to write the review on post tic notes so I will not forget to write them.SO I finished one age ago but I am not writing the reviews.Sorry, schedule all of my book reviews so you do not get over welled with book reviews.

Anyway so I borrowed this book from my school library.I saw it in my friends house I did not want to borrow it off her so I went to the library, saw it and borrowed it and I finished it in a week.I am very proud of myself.This is a novel in verse like I, Girl X by annalise grey but this is a longer novel in verse.

The book is about conjoined twin girls.It is basically a novel about how they live.Love and high school.It was really interesting to see how the girls lived.It reminded me of Abby and Britney the conjoined twins from America who are famous for living for very long.

I really enjoyed this book because it is a novel in verse.Which makes it a very simple boo.But it was extremely interesting.

  • love
  • Teenager
  • Fun
  • Games
  • High school

Those were some tags from the book.

I have One 5/5 stars I would recommend this book to anyone that like poems or is a slow reader because not all pages are full of words

I hope you enjoyed that

All the best



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