My Favourite TV Shows

Hello Liars,

I think Netflix is the best for TV shows. But it does not mean that all my favourite shows are on Netflix but most of them are. Anyway, I have Netflix and Amazon Prime so I can watch a lot of Movies and TV shows. So here are my favourite shows let me know shows in the comments. I have not ranked them because they are all great. Also, I have got a Tumblr Page where I post all of my fan edits and I also have a DeviantArt where I post fan edits as well. The iPhone Wallpaper have a better quality than the ones on the Tumblr for some reason. And it is all for free.PS.I have a Pinterest board for some of these Tv shows and Spotify playlists.

glee-glee-logoI Love Glee. I have watched it so many times. Glee is one of my favourites, I listen to the soundtrack like every day. I watched all the seasons on Amazon Prime but it is now not free anyone so you will have to pay for it but it is worth it.

Next,xoxo Gossip Girl. I am currently on season 5 of Gossip Girl and I love it.I kinda wish my school had a gossip girl because my life is not that awesome. Also, I wish I was born at that time because it is so cool. And the fashion please it is soooooooooooo beautiful.Gossip Girl encouraged me to start a blog and be anonymous because it is very fun after all.I am watching it on Netflix and on Netflix everything is Free.159003682_ed0a32.jpg

rvd01_as_veronica2_4353.jpgI think many people watch this but just in case you don’t go watch it.It is Riverdale. Riverdale is one of the new Netflix shows and there is a new episode every Friday which great because at the end of the week I can just sit down and watch Riverdale.My favourite character at the moment is Jughead.He is soooo dreamy.Where can I get myself a Jughead.Riverdale_Banner_12-18-2016

Finally, Awkward. I watched season 1&2 in a weekend.That is how good it is.It is a 15 so there is much more talk about Sex that the other shows 79535-awkward-awkward.jpgbut it does not take over.Season 3 is out but you have to pay for it so I am waiting for it to become Prime so I can finish it in a weekend again.I watched this on Amazon Prime but I think it is shown on MTV so you can watch it on there.

But yes theses are favourite Tv shows at the moment I am going to start watching 13 reasons because it looks like a good Tv but I have two episodes of Riverdale to catch up on.Also, I have a season left of Gossip Girl.Anyway if there any good dramas on Tv let me know because I want to watch less YouTube and more Tv.




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