Book Review #23: Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

Hello Liars,

29236299I have finally finished Gemina which means I have finished my main focus on the Tome Topple Read-A-Thon.I really enjoyed this book, I am do not really like science fiction books because I am do not really get science like some people so I just stay away from books like that. But Gemina was a nice simple read but I would not recommend this to someone who is in a reading slump because I kept reading massive chunks and not reading it for like a week so you are kinda in a reading slump. Because there is so much going on with everyone.

This book does not follow the characters from illuminae so you could read Gemina before Illuminae but you will not know the back story to why all this happening. But you do meet Kady’s Dad in Gemina and Kady comes back in the end. But the books do connect so it would be worth reading illuminae so you do understand the story or you might be very confused on what is going on.

In Gemina we meet the B-Tech squad and we understand much more about why they are on the space station. I thought that adding the B-Tech squad was very good because we could see from their viewpoint. Because it is written is loads of different types of formats and media there is not one viewpoint we see the book from. Which I liked because you see the story from loads of angles.

The book’s graphics are amazing as always.


Hopefully, you enjoyed that review

All the Best



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