Book Review #24: The DUFF by Kody Keplinger

Hello liars,

The books at home I have are slowly running out. Which means that I am borrowing books from school library. I was looking at the bottom of the shelves in my school library. And I saw the DUFF I took it out instantly because I had always wanted to read them book. I have watched the movie so many times.

And because of this I was disappointed. From the adaption of the book to movie. So, if you read this book, think of it as two separate things. Because of the way, the movie and book came out it is like two different things. Wesley Rush even though it says, “next neighbour” they aren’t because she must drive to his house.

The book was very good. And it mentions Glee and Gossip Girl.SO if you are a fan of those TV shows you will freak out when she mentions. I know I did and I was reading it on the school bus. So that was embarrassing. I read it a week because it is very addicting and simple to read. If you do not like reading about sex and booty calls. I would not read the Duff just stick to the movie because the books focus on Wesley and Bianca friend with benefits. Which the movie does not focus which is why it is like two different things.

The book is still told from Bianca viewpoint.

Personally, the adaption to the movie was very bad. It is like it is a whole different story with the same characters. But the writing of the book is good.


Hope you enjoyed this,


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