Book Review #26:Clover Moon By Jacqueline Wilson


Hi liars,

Today I am going to be reviewing Clover Moon.I got Clover Moon for Christmas and it was on my tbr.I currently trying to finish all the books before my summer holidays.Also, I am trying to finish some books from the cargnie award in my school.Furthermore, I am currently trying to make a graphic for a poem that I wrote as a tribute to the Manchester Arean Bombings because personally at my school some girls have lost their mums.I needed to do something to let go because I felt so so so so bad for them.

Anyway, let get started with the review.

Clover Moon is a book set in the Victorian London.The book is told from the viewpoint of an 11-year-old girl called Clover Moon.Clover Moon has a sister called Megs and too many half siblings.Clover’s Mother died when she very young.Her father married again.So she has a stepmother and Clover and she does not get along.The story is about the life of poor kids in London and how they survive and their daily routine.All the characters, believable settings and the plot believable.

9780857532732You can really tell that a lot of research has gone into this story.Because of there a lot of Victorian stories about the poor children of London.The Mill stories of London I like to call them because it is either set in a mill or Mill drama.Which can be interesting to read but if they are mainly about that it get boring.I learnt something new from this book.So make sure you read the author’s note.

It is a big book but the words on the pages are not small.Also, it is very gripping so I would recommend it for someone in a reading slump.It is a great read for summer.

BTW I am making a page for all the books I read in summer.SO stay tuned for that


Happy reading



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