Book Review #27: London Belongs To Us by Sarra Manning

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Hi Liars,

Sorry I have missed a few weeks and the posts have been short but last week I was in Belgium on a school trip. I only have three weeks of school left so I will have more time to focus on my blog and the Instagram. There are also more reasons but I would prefer not to share them. Anyway, because I have been so busy I have been reading but not as much, but I am making efforts to.

London belongs to us I read it because in school we are reading the cargnie award books. London belongs to us is on the longlist. Because it was taking me so long to read, London was in the news for the bit. Which nobody planned at all.

My school librarian asked me how I found the book and this is what I said

Sarra has written the book as if she is showing around London from a young person’s point of view. The shortcuts and places where they hang out. If you didn’t know London, the description of the places makes it seem that you have known lived London for ages. Because you get to know the routes and the places as you read the book.

I would classify this book as an adventure because it is taking the reader on a tour round London. Which I enjoyed because I go to London a lot. Furthermore, I would like to consider myself a pro in some areas. But this book made look at London in a home type of view because whenever I go to London I tend to be a tourist.

I would recommend this book if your planning to come to Europe or going to London. Because all the places in the book are real for example water-loo tube station. I was in a bit of a reading slump and this book helped me get out of it because it is an easy and quick read.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this blog post



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