Book Review #28:Wolf Hollow by Lauren Wolk

Hello Liars,

UPDATE HERE: I wrote the review on Saturday the day before the read-a-thon and we had to change a challenge last minute so mind the past tense. Also when I got the notice it was a bit late for me to change the post

I have finished the last of the books I want to read this year in the library. Currently, when I am writing this I have a week and 3 days left of school left of year 8. I am so excited I have the read-a-thon is a few days and then I am going London. But that is for another blog post. Now is the review of wolf hollow.

This book is also part of the Cargnie Award shortlist. I have now read 3.5 because I DNF one of the books.

Wolf Hollow is now one of my favourite books. I think I could relate to this book even though its fiction and there is funny part in this book. I would say but then I would be ruining the book. But it involves her little brother Henry. Writing about it now makes me laugh. It is funny and I hope you will find it funny as well.

The address some really sad issues. Which is bullying, stereotypes, aloneness and there is one more. I wonder if you can comment it down below if you have read the book. The book is written simply and beautifully. Which is another reason why I love the book so much. Fun fact I read it in a few days of when I picked it up again.

Because I was reading the book in a reading group at school I got hear other views about the book. The same thing that came coming up as that we wished for a better ending not in terms of writing but for the characters. I was nearly in tears because I didn’t get why adults thought like that.

If you were looking for a book that you want to get emotionally attached too. This book is a good book for that. I personally got too attached to Toby and Annabella. My Rating for this is 5/5 no questions about that.

And on that note hopefully, you enjoyed that,

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