Dominique – The Villain’s Synopsis

Hi Liars,

Today is the third day, the host for this challenge is Dominique, today we are writing an extract from a villain’s viewpoint. Hopefully, you enjoy it.

Betty from Wolf Hollow.

I and Andy told everyone we were in the bell tower. But we were really at the bottom of the hill. Our plan was to throw rocks at the Germans. Andy told me that some people in the village do not like the Germans because of the great war. Some people through insults at the Germans. So, I thought I would throw rocks at the Germans. That will do more damage than nasty words. Andy said he would not throw rocks at the Germans but he will just come down to the hill with me. Because we are not supposed to leave the playground at the break. I was not bothered anyway because nobody will tell on me because I will just wait for them after school. I have Annabella as my victim. Anyway, back to the story. Andy left me to do the devil’s work. Once we were at the bottom of the hill we saw Toby the village weirdo. He walks around taking pictures, who would do that all day. I heard he was Annabella friend which makes sense because they are both weird. Imagine their babies. Ewwwww. It was good thing Toby was at the bottom of the hill because just in case people found out that the bell tower was locked we can blame it on Toby. He is strange enough walking around with 3 guns.

How did you guys enjoy that short extract from Betty. Betty is Annabella’s bully if anyone has not read the book. The scene that this comes from is when Ruth got hit in the eye with a rock from the bottom of the hill.

Here is the link for everyone’s else.


Let me know which is your favourite.



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