Amy&Niki – book you’ve rated 3+ stars

Hi liars,

Today is the fourth day of the read-a-thon. Had anyone finished any books yet? Have anyone you do the challenges yet if which ones? Today I am telling you all the book I have rated 3 and under stars. The host for today is Amy and Niki.Post the links of your entry on her blog post. We will be roasting books.

One thing to keep in mind is every book is good. It takes a lot of effort to write a book. So this is just a joke.


  • The bulb of the book does not match the first few chapters of the book.
  • My school library lost the book I was the last and first person to take out.


The Smell of other people’s houses

  • Me and my friend only one of the viewpoints interesting.
  • What was the point of the story again?
  • And who is who?


The Potion Diaries

  • It’s not my genre of reading
  • I had to DNF it and give it someone as a birthday gift.
  • The only potion its produces is a 3-star review from me.

This was inspired by RiceGum my roasting hero. Remember this was a joke and I am planning sometime in the future to go back and read these books because I still feel like I should give the books a chance.

Don’t forget to post yours on Amy and Niki posts.

Monday 24 – book review

Tuesday 25 – Dominique – The Villain’s Synopsis

Wednesday 26 – Amy – book you’ve rated 3+ stars

Thursday 27 – Ashley – character connections

Friday 28 – Mary – 25 facts about me

Saturday 29 – Dylan – write a letter to a character



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