Dylan – write a letter to a character

Hi liars,

Today is last day, the host for this challenge is Dylan, I personally wrote a poem because the character that I wrote to enjoyed music. And that is how I would write letters to my characters. Hopefully, you enjoy it.

Finch Is from All the Bright Places. Which I highly recommend reading.

The world was mean.

But you were just teenagers.

You saved her.

But you could save yourself.

You were sick

Mentally sick.

Your brain needed medians.

But all you do is swim.

Hold your breath.

And swim.

To the deep dark oceans.

You couldn’t control your emotions.

But you still helped her.

Oh, finch.

The world was still waiting for you.

The world was cruel.

You still helped her.

You swam.

Holding your breath.

Breathing your last breath.



Hopefully, you guys enjoyed that poem/letter I wrote to Finch. Link your letters down below so I can have a read of them and on dylan post




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