Summer Biannual Bibliothon Wrap up

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Hi Liars,

I know this blog post is a bit late but I have been busy sorting out my our readathon.There will be further announcements for that, then pick my winner for the tag. BTW they were amazing and I wish you all could be mention on the Instagram page.

In this week long readathon. 5 days for me because on the last two days I was away at my uncle’s wedding in London. But I managed to finish a book there as well. I read 4 books last week, which is very good for me because normally I just fail at readathons.



The first book I finished was Dreaming the Bear by Mimi Thebo 

I borrowed this book from my school library so I could read it in the holidays. I will be a doing a review for it. There are currently three books from this list that I need to review or have been reviewed. I didn’t realise that after the readathon I would have some much work.


The second book I finished was Assassination Classroom, Vol. 06:

Assassination Classroom, Vol. 06: Swim TimeI borrowed this also from my school library before the holidays.This was a very quick read for me I read it in an hour and a bit. It is a Japanese manga series. It is extremely popular in my school. I will do a review for this series when I have read a few more because currently, my school has 13/14






Girl of Glass

The third book I finished was Girl Of Glass by Megan O’Russell 

I was up from 8 PM to 3 AM in the morning reading this ebook. It was 680 pages on an iPhone 5 so it was a big read for me. Because I hate ebook because I always get distracted and it’s not like holding a physical copy of the book. I have a book review for this book on my Goodreads and soon on this blog. I am not sure if when I post this the review on my blog will be up. But anyway there is a review lined up.

The Adventures of LolaThe fourth book I finished was The Adventures of Lola by Jade Harley (Goodreads Author)Craig Phillips (Illustrator)

I started this book on the train to London (2-hour journey).Then the weekend I was there I just kept picking it up when I could and reading it.Then on the way back to Manchester, I finished it.  I am yet to write the book review. I had to check my lists on my phone to check if I have written it because there are so much admin and posts I want to write for my blog.




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