Book Review #29: Girl Of Glass by Megan O’Russell

Hi liars,

Last week was the biannual Bibliothon and as you know I was a blog host and if you didn’t know now you know. I read 4 books because the last two days I was away at my uncle’s wedding. Which is amazing for me because it means I read 4 books in a week. Which has really helped me with my Goodreads goal. Over the few weeks, you will be getting reviews for some of these books. The first one is an eBook that I was sent from the author to review, that I had for ages. Which I was saving for this readathon. Because I knew I was doing this readathon just after the winter biannual Bibliothon. The eBook is girl of glass. I spent 1 whole night reading it. 8 PM to 3 AM and I didn’t regret it in the morning because I wanted to be a vamper.

There is a love triangle like Throne of Glass and The Hunger Games. There are vampires but two different types those that feast of human blood and there a new type who feast of animals. But in this book, they all called Vampers. Which is the best bit of this book because it is a new thing. In my opinion, the best thing to with this book is just to read it without any influences of anybody. Because it’s not over hyped so you’re not going to find many reviews. So why let the little ruin your experience of this book.

I would not say it is a summer read it’s more of autumn / Halloween because of the dark type of fantasy. Which would be a nice Halloween inspiration. Anyway, please go and show the author some love because it is an amazing book. Go buy the eBook and its sort of a paperback if you check Amazon. That is what Megan told me last time I spoke to her.

Overall, I enjoyed this book to the core of my iPhone. It is interesting and spooky everything you want for autumn and Halloween.



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