Book Review #30: Night Owls by Jenn Bennett

Hi Liars,

I have a lot of books but I am not going to be doing a review for all of them. Anyway, I borrowed Night Owls from my local library. BTW I have lost my library card which is great because I must pay a pound for a new. If you follow me on Instagram I did a haul of all the books I had borrowed and bought that day. I picked Night Owls based on the cover. The UK cover and title are different from the US cover and title I will insert a picture of both below.

USA COVER                                            UK COVER

Image result for night owls book


I was scrolling through the library looking for books for my readathon and summer guide. And Night Owls looked really good. I didn’t read the blurb, I only read the blurb if I am not sure about it. But night owls I was definitely sure about it.

Night Owls is a love story, dorky Bex and Terrible Buddhist Jack. That is all I am going to say. Because if you like everything everything and all the bright places. You will adore this book. It was such a good read that I spent half of my night reading it before my mum walked in on me reading again. I took this book everywhere I went. I wanted to find out where their love was taking them. The book is set in San Francisco. I feel like if I tell you any more about the book I will end up spoiling it. I was reading through the comments on Goodreads. And some many people said that the romance was done right. It really was because they became friends not just fall in love and start all the soby things. Which I am not against the soby romances but that’s not what you want to be reading at the end of summer. Because the romance was done right it made sense it felt real. Which made me love it even more.

If this book was a movie. It would be such an artsy movie. Because this is the second love story I have read this summer. I basically want to read love stories for the two weeks left I have of my summer holidays. Fun fact writing this I have two weeks till turn 14. My birthday is 1st of September.

SOOO get thinking what you are getting me? JK. Just follow my blog, like and share my posts and I will be fine.



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