RAINBOW-A-THON DAY 1: Rainbow-A-Thon Book Tag

Day 1- Rainbow Book Tag.

Hello Liars and rainbow readers,

Today is the first day of the RainbowAThon. *Yay* This week in the blogger and Instagram community we are celebrating different races, religion, sexuality. We are celebrating being you. That is why it is a rainbow because everyone gets a rainbow.

Today the day 1 of the blogger section of the readathon we are having a book tag on the Instagram section we are having a make a bookish rainbow. All the information for the challenges can be found in the GoodReads group and on our twitter and Instagram.

  1. Which book are you most excited to read as part of the readathon? Oranges in No Man’s Land by Elizabeth Laird because I wanted to read but I was saving it for the readathon. It is my favourite book.
  2. Which colour was the most difficult for you to find a book for? Pink and purple I own books with colours on but they were thick books which are not ideal for a week long RainbowAThon.
  3. What’s your favourite colour on books and why? The Harry Potter house because we can show our house pride. Hufflepuff forever
  4. Which fictional world would you go to if you had the choice? The Hunger Games
  5. Which book cover do you like the most out of the books you’re reading for the readathon? Oranges in No Man’s Land because it’s just a pencil drawing then like a stand of an orange
  6. Who is your favourite fictional character? Maddy from Everything Everything she is so pretty and nice and I went to watch the movie and I just want her to be my sister sooo bad. Also, I want Jack to be my friend as well because I relate to him so much as a girl. BTW he is from Night Owls by Jenn Bennett
  7. What is your favourite place to read in summer? In my bed in the morning because of the morning sun and breeze.
  8. Do you think characters should always have a specified sexuality? No because it’s not their personality and it does not make the story interesting unless it’s about that.
  9. What book made you cry the most? All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. It made step back and look my mental health and be a much kinder person that I have to be. #weereliars
  10. What is your favourite LGBT+ book? Night Owls is the only book I have read with an LGBT+ character and it was his brother. All the LGBT+ books I have read I feel like the author makes the characters not seem normal when they are.
  11. What book have you read this year about a character of a different nationality to you? Yes. Every time I read a book with white characters because I am black. #WeNeedMoreDiverseBooks.

BTW. I am not hating I am just saying. Shoutout to Jennifer Niven-Holding Up The Universe, Nicola Yoon-Everything Everything and The Sun is Also A Star. For writing books with diverse characters that are amazing.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this. Sometimes my opinions can be strong and I know that. And if anything offends you please let me know so I can explain what I mean. Because trust I love everyone and everything except things that crawl. INSECTS.

Much Love



for info on the Readathon hit the link below


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