RainbowAThon Day 2:Getting To Know The Blogger

Day 2-Getting to know the blogger


Hello their liars,

It’s day 2 of the rainbow readathon. Today’s colour is your harry potter house colour. I am proud Hufflepuff. What are you?

Today’s blog challenge is Getting to know the blogger. Many of you liars who have been here since the beginning will already know a lot about me already. For you liars who are new, this should help you get to know the rainbow read-a-thon hosts.

Here we go.

Hello, I am semi-anonymous blogger my reason for being anonymous is because I don’t want people in my school to find out because they make fun out of the kids that are trying to be social media famous. I am 13 years old but the day that the readathon ends the next day is my birthday. I play 2 woodwind instruments clarinet and oboe. Oboe to grade 5 standard and clarinet to grade 4 standards. Next, I am a huge crafter, I love to knit, crocheter and sewer. I am self-taught on all my crafting skills, with a bit of help from YouTube and now I love it. Also, I am a massive computer geek. I personalize my computer right down to the core. I have changed my cursors, my google theme, widgets, dock. Name it, I have probably done it. My favourite music genres are rap, soundtracks and kpop. My favourite band is BTS they are a K-pop boy band. My favourite soundtrack is glee. My favourite rapper is Kid Cudi and ricegum (if he counts). My favourite TVs shows now are Riverdale, Gossip Girl, Fresh Prince and Ackley Bridge. I have one season left of gossip girl and much more on Fresh Prince. My favourite YouTuber is Ricegum, Logan Paul and much more. My favourite movie is clueless. Enough of favourites.

Because this is rainbow readathon promoting all kinds of love. I want everyone to comment down below their nickname, mental age, Harry Potter house, Divergent fraction, nationality, sexuality and place you want to go.

I am Pom-Pom. My mental age is 16 on a good day and 3 on a silly day and I would like to Germany because I have heard it’s a nice place. I am a proud Hufflepuff and I think I would divergent because I tend to always sit out like I never know the newest fashion trend. Or a combination of Amity and Abnegation. BTW I am straight.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this.



Leave the link to yours here. https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/18811131-blog-challenge-2—getting-to-know-the-blogger

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