RainbowAThon Day 3:Reading Habits

Day 3- Reading Habits


Hi Liars,

Its day 3 of the RainbowAThon. Today’s colour is Orange. The Instagram challenge is a brown photo. The Blog challenge is Reading Habits. Enjoy this rainbow fam.

My Reading Habits.

  1. In summer, I must read a romance that has some sort of travel in it.
  2. I don’t lend my books because I feel like people don’t know how to look after my babies(books).
  3. I like to read a series at a time. I don’t like to commit myself to about 3 series at a time because it becomes hard for me to keep up with the book. Like now I am reading the manga series assassination classroom and the throne of glass series.
  4. My favourite place to read is my bed in the morning or at night.
  5. My favourite place to read in school is the library in between the bookshelves. There is a heater to my back and it is so cosy.
  6. My favourite genre is High Fantasy, Romance, Dystopian and sometimes sifi
  7. I personally listen to music. I have two playlists that I normally listen to Favourite Soundtracks and focus music. Which can be both found on my Spotify @septbaby1
  8. I don’t like reading eBooks because my eBook reader is on my phone and always end up getting distracted.


I hope you guys enjoyed reading my 8 weird and wonderful reading habits. What are your reading habits? If you do take part in this blog challenge leave the link to your post here.








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