RainbowAThon Day 4:Clichés in Books

Blog Challenge 4 – Clichés in Books



Hi liars,

Today is day 4 of the RainbowAThon. Today’s colour is Green. If you do not have ideas of what to read check the Goodreads group for some ideas because there is a lot of book ideas in there. The Instagram challenge today is a book in nature photo.

Do not forget if you take part in any of the challenges link them in the right topic in the Goodreads group. So, it is easier for us to pick the winners.

Todays’ blog challenge is Clichés in books. You can tell us which ones you like and which ones you do not.

Ok first. I feel like most clichés are found in love stories. First, the male character always has some family problem whether it is a secret or divorce. There is always a problem. Which makes the character more lovable, which I have no problem because it gives us more bookish boyfriends. Second, love at first sight. I do not mind it unless there is a friendship before they become boyfriend and girlfriend. Third, there is always some sort of block that makes their love even more stronger. Like the parents do not above it. That one I do not like because if their love is good there would not be a block.  Also, love stories always end with S E X. Why do the love stories need that because of its S E X within weeks of unofficial dating? It does not promote anything good for the younger YA readers. Next in love triangles, they seem to be in YA action/ dystopian. For example, The Hunger Games, Throne of Glass and Matched. I have no problem because everyone ends up happy in the end, but make it stay that way because it’s sad to read about someone’s unhappy ending. Another thing when authors are using other fan bases for their book. Please stop it because your book is good enough and will have its own fan base.

I cannot think of any more clichés in a book. But I am sure there will be more. Do forget if you take part in any of the challenges link them in the right Goodreads topic. Anyway




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