How to get a friend?

Hello Liars,

I have heard that some of you will be starting new schools this year. Some of you, are starting year 7. I remember when I start year 7 I only knew 2 people in a year of 260 people. I did not go to a local high school because my locals’ high schools are not the best schools now so I travel out of my community to get to school. But I love my super school and I would not leave for the world.

I can tell how to put yourself in situations to make friends and how to talk people more.

First tip. Act you age. Do not be too timid or babyish because that attitude really pisses people off. Because you need to have the same mental age as everyone else in your year. It is being mindful or you are going to fall behind.

Second tip. Go to clubs and places that you enjoy. For my two years that I have been at secondary school I have always been in the school choir and the music clubs and the library. Because that is what I am interested in. You make friends out of the same interest so you need to go to places that enjoy often to make friends.

Third tip. Be social after the 3 day everyone will start talking more to everyone so join in. If you have Instagram share it. If you have a phone give you phone number out. Text people. Get WhatsApp. If you do not join in conversation how do you except to make friends.

Fourth tip. Say Hello. You will be classes with people. Talk to the people around you. Most of my friends that I have made is simply saying Hi. So, do it

Last tip. If you can get public transport or the school bus to school. Many kids at secondary school will get public transport. I have for two years and it was the best two years of my life. Because everyone gets to know each. You stand at the same bus stop. Get on the same bus. Go to the same school. Share the same bus Banta. If you are getting taken in a car. Don’t let your parents drop you off too near the school. Get out of the car somewhere you are going to have to walk. Because you bound to meet someone who parents also drop them off in the same place.

Hopefully, you found this helpful. Make sure to like and follow my blog.

Comment below which tip was the most helpful.



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