Book Review #31:The Boy at the Top of the Mountain by John Boyne

Hello Liars,

the boy at the top of the mountainToday I have a short book review for you. I am changing the way I do book reviews during term time because they take an awful amount of time to write. But I still want to get book reviews up. So, I am doing short reviews in a bullet point style. I got the inspirations to do this from Everything Everything because she writes short reviews. I will add the Goodreads link to review so you can find out more about it.

SETTING: Starts in Paris and most of the story is set in Berghof (Germany)

MAIN CHARACTERS: Pierrot, Aunt Beatrix and Adolf Hitler.

TIME PERIOD: World War 2


  • The book is about showing how Adolf Hitler brains washed the German nation.
  • The book focus on the life of Pierrot, and how Hitler opinions got to his head.
  • It is also showing how the people who worked for Hitler had two different opinions. Some loved him and some hated him.
  • There is a lot of fact within the book even though it is a fictional book.
  • It is not a massive book it is a quick read.
  • It is very hard to put down before each chapter is written in a way to make you want to continue reading.
  • It is simply written.

please let me know your thoughts on the style of review. If you liked it or not? Any improvements you would make?



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